Sussex Interfaith Ministers Group


We live in a multi-racial multi-faith society. When you attend any gathering – party, wedding, baby naming, funeral or blessing, you will find people with many different faith views… from the most devout to the non-believer. This is why we need Interfaith Ministers today. Interfaith ministers are trained to serve the diverse world we occupy and have the skill and will to make ceremonies of all kinds inclusive, harmonious and beautiful.

Sussex has enthusiastic, gifted and experienced Interfaith Ministers offering many talents. Our creative ceremonies celebrate the spirituality of life in many ways, drawing from the old and the new, but most importantly from the unique qualities of people themselves. There is something very special about a sacred ceremony organised by a minister ordained by The One Spirit Interfaith Foundation.

This is the website of Sussex’s own practising Interfaith ministers, who are here to serve you in many ways, organising and carrying out ceremonies and sacred events, providing spiritual counselling, leading meditation groups, teaching, healing, singing, peacekeeping, advising and much more.

In addition to serving people of all faiths and none we serve the diverse social communities that make up this vibrant county. Lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) people as well as black, minority and ethnic people (BME) will find support in their spiritual lives, support for their journey of life.

Browse through this website and discover the depth and variety of the spiritual services your Sussex Interfaith Ministers offer everyone.