Sussex Interfaith Ministers Group

Extra-Ordinary Events

There are times in life when you might feel in need of a marker, a celebration, to honour a transition in your life. These changes do not always fit into the traditional ceremonies we are familiar with. And yet...they are significant in your life.

These moments might be

  • A career change
  • A divorce or separation
  • Taking a new name of your choosing
  • An important birthday
  • Retirement
  • Leaving home
  • A tree planting
  • A house blessing
  • A healing ceremony
  • Honouring an unborn child
  • Taking/renewing vows
  • The death of an animal friend

Any of these milestones in life can be the seed for creating a meaningful and resonant ceremony to share with those you care for...or for you alone. An Interfaith Minister can help you to design something very particular for you that will honour your intention.