Sussex Interfaith Ministers Group

Funerals & Memorials

A funeral is a special, loving ceremony that allows people to say goodbye to a loved-one in a personal way. As Interfaith Ministers, we listen closely to the needs of family and friends honouring the life that has passed, as well as the feelings of the bereaved. We are committed to respecting different spiritual paths and none, reflecting the multi-faith society we live in.  In this spirit we make funerals inclusive, caring and healing, so that all present feel recognised and comforted.

The service need not be restricted to a traditional place, or use traditional wording; it can be as formal or relaxed, as spiritual or non-religious, as you wish. There are many ways of honouring loss and expressing grief. Beautiful readings, music, letters and even the location can be chosen to reflect a unique life and its passions.

Today there is a growing interest in creating your own funeral. Interfaith ministers can also offer guidance with pre-planning and designing one's own funeral service.