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Jean Francis

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Jean Francis Francis is an Interfaith minister and for many years ran her own wedding/party planning and catering business and more recently worked as a funeral arranger. She soon realised a synergy between the importance of marking all life's major rites of passage in a personal and meaningful way.

Jean says: 'People spend years planning weddings but often barely acknowledge the importance of saying goodbye.' She is passionate about transforming dowdy funerals into Celebrations of Life that reflect the life-style, interests and philosophies of the unique person involved. Jean also writes and conducts ceremonies that mark all life's milestones and lives in Horsham, West Sussex.

Jean has written four books, runs Death Cafés and has set up an on-line service to help people plan Life and Memorial Celebrations, ideally prior to need.

Have you ever considered pre-planning your own funeral, or that of a loved one?

Planning your own funeral allows you to get on with the process of living.

Become the story-teller of your own unique journey by creating a never-to-be-forgotten celebration: Pre-need Planning

Nothing can remove the pain of losing a loved one, but an occasion that reflects and honours the uniqueness of the individual becomes the memory that lives on.