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Rev Kathryn Wallace-Holmes

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Kathryn Wallace-HolmesFunerals, Baby / Naming Ceremonies, Weddings, Rites of Passage, Spiritual & Bereavement Counselling

Approach: Every human being has the right to be acknowledged, respected, lovingly held and witnessed as he or she take steps to convey, explore beliefs or ways of being. Endeavouring to hear your wishes and to honour your views are the aims for each ceremony or counselling session, so that the experience is heart-warming, meaningful and transformative.

No moment is any less important than another. I care deeply about each situation I work in, with you as the focus and you as the client. Continually studying, getting feedback and regular supervision ensures that I remain open-minded, challenged and grow both personally and professionally.

Sussex Ceremonies: Families only get one opportunity to pay the best tribute possible to their loved one at a funeral. With baby blessings or naming ceremonies, parents want to have their loved one honoured and cherished. A couple want their love and commitment witnessed and blessed in the best way possible at their wedding.

The ceremonies that I co-create with you are unique and personalised to fit you and your needs. The possibilities are endless. Examples of some I’ve done are: - doing a wedding blessing on the South Downs at dawn on Mid-Summer’s day; a Baby Blessing in the parents’ garden with their other children involved; having a dog attend her master’s funeral, the loss of a baby intimately blessed and acknowledged with just the parents present, and the wedding of a couple of different faith backgrounds, while 8 months pregnant in a friend’s converted chapel. The important thing is that it means something special and precious to you – and that it is honoured in the deepest way possible.

Intention: I will endeavour to achieve the best with you in every situation.

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