Sussex Interfaith Ministers Group

Naming and Blessing Ceremonies

Those we have held in our arms for a little while, we hold in our hearts forever. (Anon)

Naming and blessing ceremonies are usually associated with children and babies, but they can be carried out at any age.

When babies and young children are blessed there is a joyful sentiment and energy about the occasion; the idea of welcoming a new addition to the family makes the ceremony particularly festive.

Interfaith Ministers offer a sacred and creative dimension to any service of this kind, providing colourful and inventive ideas about format, location, words and music to make the occasion enjoyable and memorable. You will find that the Minister will work closely with you ensuring that all the words are just right for a special occasion -offering a choice of traditional, poetic, modern, humorous, religious or secular texts.

The choice of location for the naming and blessing is another exciting part of the ritual - a beautiful park or garden, a venue special to you including your own house and garden. Friends and family members can also play a loving and inspirational part in what can amount to a unique, intimate and beautiful ceremony.