Sussex Interfaith Ministers Group

Rites of Passage Ceremonies

So much of life is spent in the intoxication of living: lost in daily tasks, work deadlines and obligations we operate on “automatic”, even with those whom we love. But every moment is also pregnant with sacredness.

The instant we turn our attention deeply to the present, a light that is usually hidden begins to shine. Right now we can experience two wonderful dimensions of life: the passing of each precious moment; and, beneath that, a steady peaceful state of being, uninterrupted by life’s ebb and flow. Every moment is a microcosm of death and re-birth, a release and an embrace, a testament to ceaseless change. Every moment is also a portal to immortality.

Rites of passage ceremonies awaken us to the mystery and depth of the present. Designed to help us mark significant moments of transition, the ceremony invites us to step out of the humdrum of life. For a while enter into a timeless space, we make a holy pause and we honour with silence, laughter, words, actions, tears and movement the passage from one part of our lives to the next.

Rites of passage ceremonies have been practised since the dawn of the human race, and continue to have resonance in many communities today. They can enrich our lives enabling us to recognise, acknowledge, celebrate and honour key moments of transition, such as:

  • Childhood to adolescence/puberty
  • Coming of age
  • Leaving the parental home
  • Getting married / becoming a husband or wife
  • Becoming a mother or father, grandmother or grandfather
  • Becoming an “orphan” on the death of both parents
  • Adulthood to eldership / crone-hood

An interfaith minister can craft a rite of passage ceremony for every significant transition point in your life and that of your family. We listen deeply to your needs and aspirations, and design ceremonies tailored to you, your circumstances, relationships and spiritual, philosophical or religious landscape. 

If you feel that a rite of passage ceremony would enrich your life, contact a minister for a free initial exploratory conversation.