Sussex Interfaith Ministers Group

Spiritual Counselling

Spiritual counselling offers a safe, confidential and non-judgmental space in which you can explore your soul’s true purpose and the meaning of your life.

The spiritual counsellor is a guide and companion on your journey of self-discovery and spiritual development, a soul friend who offers deep listening and attention. In this way, you will be encouraged to connect to your wholeness and deepest truth, discovering your inner compass and authenticity.

Acting as a spiritual counsellor an Interfaith Minister will not impose his or her spirituality or viewpoint on a client.  Instead, you will be encouraged to discover your own source of spiritual nourishment, or reconnect with a familiar faith tradition, if this resonates with you. The space provided is the common ground where all traditions, and none, can meet.

Please note that although it has many similarities with other healing modalities and therapies, spiritual counselling is not a replacement or substitute for traditional psychotherapy - rather, it is essentially about helping a client to return to the centre, and to experience connection to the Divine.  The spiritual counsellor will be honest about whether his or her capabilities match your true needs, and will suggest another modality if it appears more suitable.

All interfaith Ministers on this website who offer spiritual counselling have received training through the One Spirit Interfaith Seminary. They are committed to receiving regular supervision and support for their spiritual counselling practice.